Slots & Pricing:
  • I currently offer Full-Time 7-5 and "Before and After School" care from 6:30am-7:30am (includes breakfast, if desired) and 3pm-5:00. Emergency childcare is also available depending on available space! Call us at 623-9678 to schedule a "Meet & Greet"!
  • Tuition is as follows:

    Full-Time Rate ~ 4 or more days/ at least 5 hours a day ~ $125/week (includes 

    breakfast, lunch, and 2 snacks)

    Part-Time Rate ~ 3 days or less/ at least 5 hours a day ~ $90/Week (includes 

    breakfast, lunch, and 2 snacks)

    School-Age (Before and After care) $75/ Week (includes 2 meals and snack)
    School-Age (Before only) $25/ Week (includes breakfast)
    School-Age (After only) $50/ Week (includes snack & dinner)

    Payment MUST be made weekly before your week starts. We accept cash, money orders, or you can pay us through Paypal (credit cards accepted). If paying with Paypal, there is a $3 charge per week, to cover fees.
  • Weekly tuition is to be paid, even if you are unable to come for the week, in order to hold your slot. That will vary as far as using the paid sick days we allow.

Daily Activities:

  • Being a "relaxed" homeschooling kind of family, we do not use a set curriculum and use many different teaching tools to help our children thrive and learn. Your child/children will learn right along with them during the many fun learning things we do!
  • We have a fully FENCED IN BACKYARD so, depending on the weather, children will get outside for fresh air and outdoor play on nice days!
  • Many education enrichment activities will be offered daily. Whether "arts and crafts" time, "story" time, or "creative play" time, they will have loads of fun through learning!
  • Age appropriate toys will always be available. Younger kids will have fun with Duplos, wooden blocks, board books, toy food etc. and the older kids will have fun with toys such as Legos, wooden trains & Lincoln logs. Drawing supplies such as paper, crayons, washable markers, etc. will always be available!

Illness Policy:
  • Be Courteous! If you child has been ill, please do not send them to "Hiatus". If they have been sick with fever over 100 degrees, have been vomiting, etc. in the past 24 hours, please call to let us know they won't be coming.
  • If your child becomes sick at our home, we will call you or the emergency contact for immediate pick-up.
  • If OUR children have been sick, our first plan of action is to quarantine them upstairs until they are well. We will call all families to let you know, and you have the right to not have your child attend without pay. We also reserve the right to cancel all slots necessary until our children are well enough for us to start filling slots again, if they are too sick to be left alone for periods of time through the day.


  • Prior to your first day with us, we will plan a day to get together to have you fill out all of the necessary paperwork so that we will have you on file. We will also go over all of the details of our contract and talk it all out before you sign.
  • We require weekly payment even if your child is sick during any given week.
  • You will "sign in" and "sign out" your child at the beginning and end of each day.
  • We expect your child/children to be here no earlier than their scheduled time and pick-up is anytime before their allotted time ends, but no later. Additional fees will accrue for late.
  • Your child/children should come with all necessary items they would normally need at their own home for the hours they are with us. Diapers, change of clothing, special blanket, etc.
If there is anything we have not covered on this page, please feel free to email us with any questions!


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