Here is a list of "Frequently Asked Questions". If you don't see the answer to YOUR question, please CONTACT US!

* Are you a LICENSED Family Child Care Center?
Yes, we are! Our FCC license and our Home Occupation License will be posted on our kitchen wall for you to view when you are here for a "Meet & Greet"!

* Are you a FULL-TIME Family Child Care Center?
Not at this time due to our own 6 homeschooled children :) We offer Part-Time and "Before & After School" care during the school season and Part-Time care during the summer!  We also offer a daily rate of $30 for holidays, teacher workshops, etc.

* What are your hours?
"Before & After School" Care: 6:30am-7:30am and 3pm-5pm and Part-Time hours 7-5pm. 

* What are your TUITION costs??
School-Age (Before and After care) $75/ Week (includes 2 meals and snack)
School-Age (Before only) $25/ Week (includes breakfast)
School-Age (After only) $50/ Week (includes snack & dinner)
**I do offer Part-Time "Before and After" care for the same rate, broken down to $5 for each "before" and $10 for each "after" care slot.

Part-Time Rate ~ 3 days or less/ at least 5 hours a day ~ $80/Week (includes breakfast, lunch, and 2 snacks)

Full-Time Rate ~ 4 or more days/ at least 5 hours a day ~ $125/week (includes breakfast, lunch, and 2 snacks)

* Are you CPR certified?
Yes! We are both CPR/First Aid certified! We will have our certificates post on our kitchen wall for you to view!

* Are you part of the Food Program?

Yes! Your child will be offered healthy snacks, and if your child is here for lunch, they will be offered a well-balanced meal! We are a very healthy family that eats lots of natural & organic meals. Our weekly menu plan will be posted for you to view each week! We will also talk, in detail, about the program at time of enrollment!

* Are you a Pre-School?
No, but as a homeschooling family, your child will learn right along with our children! We have a very relaxed approach to teaching our children and they learn through daily life experiences & oodles of educational resources! We make learning fun!!

* Do you follow the Augusta Public School schedule?
We do not! We are open 5 of the 11 holidays that public schools are closed, teacher workshops, vacations, etc. There is no need for you to pay additional child care costs to anyone else during those times! We are here for you! Our tuition is $30/day for care on these days.

* Do you offer any other child care services besides Monday-Friday?
There will be times that we offer some weekends and evenings for parents who would like to get out for an evening or get away for a Saturday! Make sure to "like" our Facebook page to keep up on our "special notices"!

* Are you a smoke-free home?
Yes! Neither of us are smokers and we do not allow anyone to EVER smoke in our home!

* Are you a pet-free home?
No. We have 2 vaccinated indoor/outdoor cats named Billy & Caspian :)

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